Britain to offer coronavirus booster jabs

The British government has announced that it will start giving coronavirus booster vaccinations to people aged 50 or older from next week. The move comes amid the spread of the Delta variant.

British health officials say that they will also give additional doses to residents of nursing care facilities and healthcare workers.

The officials released an announcement about the booster vaccine program on Tuesday. They say that mainly the Pfizer and the Moderna vaccines will be used. The officials say that their regulatory decision was based on a careful review of data. In the case of the Moderna vaccine, they say that half a dose is enough.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson discussed the government's plan at a news conference.

He said, "We are confident in the vaccines that have made such a difference to our lives." He added, "We're going to be building even higher walls of immunisation of vaccine protection in this country."

Health officials are also looking into giving booster jabs and flu vaccines at the same time.

The government's plan calls for measures such as mandatory vaccine certificates and mask mandates to be considered, if the healthcare system comes under strain.

Britain has recently been reporting about 30,000 new coronavirus cases every day. The government says vaccinations have contributed to a decrease in the number of deaths and serious cases.