Voting begins to decide fate of Calif. governor

Voters in California are going to the polls to decide whether to recall Governor Gavin Newsom over his anti-coronavirus measures and other issues.

His critics, mainly Republican supporters, say the Democratic governor's COVID-19 restrictions caused an economic slowdown in the state.

Newsom was also under fire, after he was found celebrating with his supporters at a high-end restaurant, at a time when he had asked residents to stay at home.

His critics filed for the recall in March after collecting more than 2-million signatures.

Voting began on Tuesday. Voters are asked to vote No to retain Newsom, or yes for his recall.

Yes and No voters can both cast a vote for one of 46 candidates for a new governor.

If a majority votes for a recall, Newsom will lose his job. In that case, the one who gains the most votes will replace Newsom. Forty-six people are running for the election.

People seeking Newsom's recall include many supporters of former President Donald Trump.

The Democratic Party is putting all out efforts to support Newsom, as opinion polls showed the race was close.
Many prominent Democrats, including President Joe Biden, visited the state.

California is a Democratic Party stronghold, that Newsom won in a landslide 3 years ago.

His supporters appear to be gaining momentum in the final stretch of the race. US media say the result could affect national politics.

Eighteen years ago, the then California governor was recalled, and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected as new governor.