Crisis looms one month after Taliban takeover

Wednesday will mark one month since the Taliban took control of the capital Kabul and regained power in Afghanistan.

The Taliban intend to form a government based on Islamic teachings. The interim government is made up entirely of Taliban members.

The Taliban flag, which is emblazoned with a verse from the Koran, is now flying over the former presidential palace and at the entrance of the closed US Embassy.

In addition to drastic social shifts, the country faces a worsening economy and a growing humanitarian crisis.

In Kabul, people are struggling to make ends meet.
Many have been forced to sell furniture and household goods to get by.
Long lines have been forming at banks. A lack of cash is hitting the economy hard. People are worried about the impact of the worsening economy on their lives and future.

The UN warns that as much as 97 percent of the Afghan population is at risk of sinking below the poverty line by the middle of next year. It says prompt action is needed to prevent a humanitarian crisis.