People in India celebrate Ganesha festival

People in India celebrated an annual traditional Hindu festival to honor the elephant-headed god Ganesha.

India at one time had more than 400,000 new cases of coronavirus per day. The daily tally has since dropped and is less than 30,000 on some days. Many stores have reopened, and life is gradually getting back to normal.

A civic group in the capital New Delhi held this year's Ganesha festival on a much smaller scale than normal. The event usually has about 10,000 participants, but that figure was limited to 50. The festival itself was shortened from the normal 11 days to four days.

Participants prayed in front of a 3-meter-high statue of Ganesha, danced to music and then sank the statue into a pool instead of a river.

A female participant said she's very happy she was able to take part, and that she prayed for an early end to the pandemic.

Only about 13 percent of India's population have been fully vaccinated. Experts are warning of another possible surge in infections as more people gather during the upcoming festival season.