IIMM reports serious crimes in Myanmar

An international team of legal experts is warning that serious crimes and violations of international law continue to be committed in Myanmar.

The Independent Investigative Mechanism for Myanmar, or IIMM, reported to a meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva on Monday.

The IIMM was set up by the human rights council in 2018. Its members have been investigating human rights abuses in Myanmar, including oppression imposed on citizens by security forces.

IIMM head Nicholas Koumjian said the team has collected "over 219,000" information items since the military coup in February.

Koumjian said that "the evidence shows security forces acting in a coordinated manner across different regions, systematically targeting specific categories of persons, such as journalists and medical professionals." He said many thousands have been detained without due process of law.

Koumjian also said the team has used open-source information as well as pictures and movies collected from the public. He added that the IIMM will continue to do all it can to collect evidence of the most serious international crimes.

The IIMM chief told NHK that "there are people inside Myanmar who provided information and I'm sure they have more information that they can give us, but they are not safe now inside Myanmar." He said that the IIMM needs to try to find ways to keep those people safe.