Kishi notes Japan-Vietnam ties with China in mind

Japanese Defense Minister Kishi Nobuo stressed the importance of relations between Japan and Vietnam during his visit to the Southeast Asian country. He made the remark with China's maritime activities in mind.

Kishi delivered an address on Sunday at the Vietnamese defense ministry, which is located in the capital, Hanoi.

He referred to China's new law, which authorizes its coast guard to use weapons.

Kishi said Japan will never be able to accept the law, which he said is problematic in terms of its consistency with international law.

The defense minister also referred to Taiwan. He said Taiwan is located in a key position. He said the position links the East and South China seas, which have strategic importance for maritime security in the region.

Kishi said that peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait are crucial for the region and the international community.

The defense minister said he wants to redefine defense cooperation between Japan and Vietnam. He said he wants the two countries to work together to contribute to the peace and security not only of their nations, but also the region and the international community.