UN: 93% of Afghans not eating enough

The United Nations is urging the international community to promptly extend assistance to the Afghan people as 93 percent of them have not been eating sufficient food since the Taliban retook power in mid-August.

Many Afghans have been deprived of cash earnings now that they lost jobs and banks remain closed.
Their situation is getting serious with acute food shortages and surging consumer prices.

In the capital, Kabul, displaced people from around the country are living in tents set up outdoors in parks and other spaces. Many of them survive by depending on food offered by well-wishers in the neighborhood.

A woman told NHK that her children are so hungry that they quarrel over even a morsel of bread.

She said she evacuated to Kabul from a northern province with her seven children after her home was destroyed in a battle two-and-a-half months before.
She said people like her family desperately need help to get out of this terrible situation.

At an online news conference on Saturday, the World Food Programme's Deputy Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific, Anthea Webb, said the WFP is begging for help to "avoid food stock running out in October."
She said, "It's now a race against time and the snow to deliver life-saving assistance to Afghan people who need it most."