Reflections by aunt of 9/11 victim

Saturday marks 20 years since terrorist attacks in the United States claimed the lives of 2,977 people, including 24 Japanese.

Ota Akemi, who is 61 years old, lost her niece on that day, September 11, 2001.

Twenty-seven-year-old Mori Sanae was visiting the World Trade Center on business when hijacked aircraft slammed into the buildings.

Interviewed in the village of Otari, Nagano Prefecture, Ota spoke of her feelings for her niece. Her home is decorated with artworks created by Mori.

Ota pointed out a collage of photographs of people of various races. She said Mori had wanted to work at the United Nations, and the photographs express her wishes for peace.

Ota says she is concerned the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan worsens global security and will trigger more terror attacks.

She says she has been asking herself what she can do. She says Japanese people must think about why terrorist attacks take place in the world.