10 Afghans reach Islamabad by land

Japanese foreign ministry officials have revealed that 10 of about 500 Afghans who Japan is trying to evacuate from Afghanistan fled the country by land and have reached the capital of neighboring Pakistan, Islamabad.

The group comprises two Afghan staff members of the Japan International Cooperation Agency and their family members. They are expected to arrive in Japan on Sunday or Monday.

They were unable to make it out of the country on a Japanese Self-Defense Force aircraft in August.

Japan has plans to evacuate about 500 Afghans, including staff members working for the Japanese Embassy and other organizations.

But the dispatched SDF aircraft was only able to airlift one Japanese national. It also took 14 Afghans at the request of the US government.

The 10 Afghans who arrived in Islamabad are the first of those on Japan's list who are known to have escaped the country since the SDF evacuation mission.

Japan's government plans to negotiate with the Taliban for the safe evacuation of the rest.