Toyota to cut output by another 400,000 units

Toyota Motor has announced it will cut global production by an additional 400,000 or so units in September and October. Officials cite difficulty in procuring parts from Southeast Asia, where coronavirus infections are surging.

The cut is in addition to 360,000 already announced by the automaker. The firm plans to reduce production by another 70,000 units in September and about 330,000 units in October.

As a result, output will only be about half of the original plan this month and down by around 40 percent next month. The ongoing global shortage of semiconductors is another factor.

Toyota has lowered its domestic and overseas production forecasts for the current fiscal year through March, saying the outlook for November and beyond is unclear. It now expects to turn out around 9 million units, rather than 9.3 million. But the company says it has no plans to change its operating income forecast.

Toyota officials say infection surges in Southeast Asia are taking longer to subside than they had expected.
They say they will take all possible measures to meet customer demand.