Experts unsure if deaths linked to Moderna jabs

An expert panel in Japan says it still cannot determine whether a causal link exists between the Moderna coronavirus vaccine and the deaths of three recipients.

The three men were given doses from one of the Moderna lots recalled after stainless steel particles were found in some unopened vials in August.

No particles have been found in the lot from which the men received their shots, but contamination has not been ruled out. All three died within days of getting inoculated in August.

The panel under the health ministry released a provisional report on Friday. It says an autopsy showed that one of the men, aged 38, most likely died of arrhythmia.
The report says the causes of the deaths of the other two, aged 30 and 49, remain unclear.

The experts say they cannot judge at this point whether the deaths are linked to the vaccines, regardless of whether the vials were contaminated. They cited a lack of information.

The health ministry and the vaccine's distributor are recalling more than 1.6 million doses from 900 venues nationwide.

The ministry plans to continue inoculations using other Moderna lots, saying there are no serious concerns that would affect the rollout.