Panasonic unit starts digital-help service in US

A unit of Japanese electronics giant Panasonic has started a new service in the US city of Seattle aimed at helping busy parents manage their households.

Panasonic subsidiary Yohana launched the smartphone app on Thursday. It lets members chat with professional assistants who can help them with daily to-do lists. That could range from making medical appointments for children to purchasing household electric appliances.

Members pay 149 dollars a month for help with an unlimited number of tasks.

Matsuoka Yoko, also known as Yoky Matsuoka, founded the subsidiary. She was a Google vice president before joining Panasonic and now develops new products and services based in Silicon Valley.
Matsuoka says in an online interview that technologies such as Artificial Intelligence have not yet been fully employed to help people struggling with housework.

She also says Panasonic is considering expanding the service to Japan in the future.