UN official in Afghanistan: Aid activity difficult

A Japanese employee of the United Nations offering humanitarian support in Afghanistan has underscored the difficulty of continuing aid operations in the country.

Moriyama Takeshi, a member of UNHCR's Kabul office, spoke online on Thursday about the UN's aid activity in the country.

Moriyama chose to remain in Afghanistan to continue supporting displaced people even after the Taliban takeover and the completion of the US troop withdrawal.

He emphasized the need to continue providing aid to the displaced, and said many of them have lost their jobs and access to clean water. He said they have also been unable to go anywhere.

Moriyama noted that members of his office have not been able to go outside Kabul for the past month or so due to security reasons.

He added that they have not been able to conduct their operations as usual, because female workers in particular have had difficulty reaching places where support is needed.

Moriyama explained that his office has been engaged in negotiations with an official of the Taliban caretaker government in order to continue offering humanitarian assistance.

But the extent to which the Taliban will allow UN staff to carry out such work remains unknown.