Thailand aims to boost vaccination rollout

Thailand has been struggling to contain a coronavirus outbreak driven by the highly-contagious Delta variant. It has been averaging about 15,000 new cases a day amid a slow vaccination rollout. But now there's hope the country will be able to speed up its inoculation program.

Some 300,000 AstraZeneca vaccines arrived in Thailand from Japan on Thursday. This follows an earlier shipment from Tokyo of over one million shots in July.

The arrival of the vaccines comes just as authorities in the capital Bangkok have launched a mobile vaccination unit.
It's traveling to communities in the capital which have some of the highest infection rates in the country to inoculate people who have difficulty moving on their own.
A male resident said, "This project allows people with disabilities like me to get a vaccine. It's hard for me to travel."

Only 15 percent of the country's population is fully vaccinated. The health authorities have set a goal of increasing that rate to 70 percent by year end. The Thai tourism authority hopes to resume accepting foreign visitors nationwide from the beginning of next year.