Japanese NGO resumes aid in Afghanistan

A Japanese non-governmental organization says it has resumed its aid activities in Afghanistan, after suspending them following the Taliban's takeover of the country on August 15.

The NGO, Peshawar-kai, has long been helping Afghan people with healthcare, agriculture and building irrigation channels. The organization is based in Fukuoka City, western Japan.

The group continued its activities even after the fatal shooting of its local representative, Japanese doctor Nakamura Tetsu, in 2019.

Peshawar-kai Chairman Murakami Masaru told a news conference on Thursday that the group resumed lemon harvesting work this month. He added that safety had been confirmed.

He said the group had already resumed medical care activities on August 21, and that he hopes to resume building irrigation channels as soon as possible.

But Murakami said local staff are having difficulty withdrawing money from banks amid the chaos in Afghanistan. He said the shortage of cash is making it difficult for them to pay salaries, buy vehicle fuel and rent heavy machinery.

Murakami pointed out that Afghanistan is suffering from a severe drought, and people desperately need help. He said the organization will continue its activities, as the top priority is saving lives there.