Taiwan commissions 'aircraft carrier killer' ship

Taiwan has commissioned a domestically built navy warship equipped with anti-aircraft and anti-ship missiles. Taiwan media call it an "aircraft carrier killer."

The vessel's launch comes amid increased activities of Chinese warships and aircraft near Taiwan.

Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen attended the commissioning ceremony at a military port in Yilan County on Thursday.

Tsai said the vessel further strengthens the navy's capabilities to defend Taiwan's waters.

The warship is an improved version of a corvette owned by the navy, and is the first of its type to be produced.

It is 65 meters long and weighs 685 tons, and employs stealth technology that makes it difficult for enemy radar to detect.

A new type of mine-laying vessel, also built in a Taiwanese shipyard, was delivered to the navy on the same day.

The first ship of this type had been delivered in December. Taiwanese authorities say they have developed one of the world's most advanced automatic mine-laying systems.

Taiwan is boosting its defense capabilities to enhance its deterrence.