US in no rush to recognize Taliban caretaker govt.

The United States appears to be in no hurry to recognize Afghanistan's caretaker government which is dominated by the Taliban.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters on Wednesday that no one in the administration of President Joe Biden would suggest that the Taliban are respected and valued members of the global community.

Psaki added that the caretaker Cabinet lineup includes members of the Taliban who had been detained by US forces.

She said, "We have not validated that. Nor are we rushing to recognition. There's a lot they have to do before that."

Psaki stressed that the US and the international community are keeping close watch as to whether the Taliban would allow people who want to leave Afghanistan to do so, and respect the rights of women.

Psaki also said the US is engaging with the Taliban to get American citizens, its local associates, and others out of Afghanistan.