Myanmar's military denounces NUG's call for revolt

Myanmar's military has denounced a call by the pro-democracy National Unity Government for a nationwide uprising against the junta, saying any such attempt would fail.

State-run media said Tuesday, that the NUG merely wants to show that it has done something ahead of the UN General Assembly later this month.

In the city of Yangon, people have been rushing to buy essentials including food and medicine at supermarkets.

This comes after the NUG acting president Duwa Lashi La called on people in the video on Tuesday to stock up on necessities and to avoid going outside for non-essential purposes.

He urged the People's Defence Force, made up of armed civilians, and ethnic militias, to attack the military blamng the military for the ongoing detention, torture and killing of dissidents.

Attacks by dissidents against the military have continued around the country for months.
Local media report that there were several attacks by People's Defence Force in the country on Tuesday.