Afghan film director urges pressure on Taliban

A female film director from Afghanistan is calling on the international community to put pressure on the Taliban to accept democratic values. Sahraa Karimi made the appeal in an interview with NHK in Venice where she was invited to attend the annual film festival.

Sahraa was born to a refugee couple in neighboring Iran, and has been making films in Afghanistan since 2012.
Since her films focus on the human rights situation in the country, especially for women, she says she had been informed that her name was on a Taliban hit-list.

When the Taliban took power last month, Sahraa fled from Kabul.

Sahraa says over the years, Afghan women have started participating in various sectors of society. She is worried the takeover will see a reversal of the process.

She says," The Taliban don't believe in participation of women in society, in government activities or any sectors."

She points out that young people in the country will never accept the Taliban's traditional mindset, and urges the international community to assert pressure against them.

She says," The international community shouldn't recognize the most criminal drug leaders and terrorists just easily. They should push the Taliban to accept some conditions of democratic society."

Sahraa says she doesn't have time to wallow in sorrow, and vows that she will continue making films about Afghanistan to tell the truth to the world.