Japan's current account surplus grew in July

Japan's current-account surplus, a key gauge of the country's trade and investment with the rest of the world, rose in July from a year earlier.
Exports to the United States and China helped lift the figure.

The Finance Ministry says the July current-account surplus stood at 1.91 trillion yen, or about 17.3 billion dollars.
The amount is up 24.5 percent in yen terms from the same month last year. That's when the coronavirus pandemic was wreaking havoc on the global economy.

The ministry also reports a trade surplus of about 5.6 billion dollars as exports grew.
Shipments of cars to the US and chip-making equipment to China were particularly strong. Imports also rose on higher crude oil prices.
The primary income account was up about 1.8 billion dollars, putting it in the black by 19 billion dollars. The figure includes dividends and interest income Japanese firms receive from their overseas subsidiaries.