Expert: Coordinations continue for some posts

An expert on Afghanistan says the Taliban may have formed a caretaker government because they are likely still working on who should take up the posts that have not been announced.

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Lecturer Toriya Masato pointed out that people who held key posts during the previous Taliban rule have been appointed again to related positions.

He also said many posts have been given to members of the Taliban's political office that engaged in peace talks with the United States.

Toriya said the Taliban seem to have chosen people with experience in governing to try to bring the turmoil in the country under control.

The Taliban have said they aim to form an inclusive government, but Toriya said no outsiders or women are on the latest Cabinet list. He added that there seem to be posts that haven't been announced yet, and that could leave room for possibilities.

As for international recognition of the new government, Toriya said the focal point is whether the Taliban will appoint women to Cabinet posts or invite opponents to join the government.