Keidanren urges govt. action to restart economy

Japan's largest business lobby is urging the government to take action to restart economic and social activity as more people get vaccinated for the coronavirus.

The Japan Business Federation, or Keidanren, announced its proposals at a news conference on Monday.

Keidanren Chairman Tokura Masakazu says the country needs measures "to get the economy up and running again."

But the federation says the government should not let up its efforts to contain the virus and mitigate the stress on the medical system.

The group proposes shortening the quarantine period for people entering Japan to a maximum of 10 days, from 14 days currently.

It notes that international travel is picking up between countries with high vaccination rates, such as the United States and some European nations.

The federation suggests fully immunized travelers be exempt from quarantine. It recommends issuing visas to foreigners who have proof of vaccination.

It proposes that restrictions be eased so Covid patients can visit local doctors when the risks of death or developing severe symptoms are not high.

Tokura paid a visit to Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide to hand him the proposals.

Tokura noted that the government has said everybody who wishes to get vaccinated will be vaccinated by early November. "We just have to wait for that to happen. When that time comes, we believe our ideas will be put to good use, and hopefully, the economy will start to pick up."