Guinea military vows to form transitional govt.

Leaders of a military coup in the West African nation of Guinea say they plan to set up a transitional government.

Fierce gun battles broke out on Sunday at a district in the capital, Conakry, where the presidential palace is located.

Soldiers later appeared on state television, declaring that they had taken control of the country.

It was not clear if the military actually seized power, as there was a report that an attack on the presidential palace had been repelled.

But the leaders of the military coup appear to be tightening their grip on power.

The Reuters news agency reports that the military laid out a plan to set up a transitional government of national unity, without giving a date, at a meeting on Monday, with Conde's ministers in attendance.

The whereabouts of President Alpha Conde are still unknown after he was reportedly detained in the coup.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said in a statement on Sunday that he strongly condemns any takeover of the government by "force of the gun." He called for the immediate release of the president.

The African Union has also condemned the coup. It plans to hold discussions on how member states should respond.