Another man found to have died after Moderna jab

Japan's health ministry says a man in his 40s has died after receiving the Moderna coronavirus vaccine. The dose he was given came from one of the batches the ministry and its distributor in Japan decided to recall following the detection of contaminants.

The man received the jab on August 11 and died the following day. He had a buckwheat allergy. The ministry is investigating what caused his death.

Foreign substances have been found in sealed vials of the Moderna vaccine at inoculation venues across Japan since mid-August.

Moderna explained to the health ministry last week that stainless steel particles formed as a result of friction between metal on the production line, which was caused by an inappropriate set-up.

The ministry and the distributor, Takeda Pharmaceutical, are recalling more than 1.6 million doses distributed to 900 venues nationwide.

Officials say the dose the man had received came from a lot number in which no foreign substances were found. But it was made at the same factory during the same period as those confirmed as contaminated.

The ministry is also investigating the deaths of two other men in their 30s who received the Moderna jab. Their doses came from vials with the same lot number as the latest case.