Tokyo's daily coronavirus count falls below 1,000

A drop in Tokyo's daily coronavirus cases has raised some hope, a day after the city wrapped up the Paralympic Games.

Officials in the capital say the number of new infections on Monday fell below 1,000 for the first time in seven weeks. But experts say it's too early for people to lower their guard.

Tokyo reported 968 new cases. That's nearly half the tally logged last Monday. But the number of seriously ill patients still hovers around record levels.

Experts warn infections are increasing among family members.

Roughly a quarter of over 125,000 cases reported last month were spread within families.

A 5-year-old boy tested positive last month. His nursery has been closed after five children there were found to be infected. He passed the virus to his mother.

Both the boy and his mother have been staying at home. But the doctor who diagnosed the boy said he should have been hospitalized.

One centenarian is believed to have been infected in her home. Her grandchild who visited her also tested positive.

As infections continue to spread, doctors say it's too early to be complacent.

Doctor Kikuchi Ryo said, "Although the case number may seem to be falling, we still need to be patient for a certain period of time until the hospital occupancy rate falls. We all need to continue the anti-infection measures."

Nationwide, about 8,200 new infections were reported on Monday...the first time the daily total has dropped under 10,000 in over a month.

But nearly 2,200 patients are seriously ill.