Anti-government protests continue in Thailand

In Thailand, anti-government protesters have taken to the streets again, venting anger over a no-confidence vote the prime minister survived at the weekend.

Demonstrators occupied Bangkok streets on Monday despite a ban on public gatherings due to the pandemic.

They are calling for Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha step down -- something they have been demanding since last year.

Prayut won a third no-confidence vote on Saturday, along with five Cabinet ministers. Opposition lawmakers accused the government of mismanaging coronavirus containment measures and criticized the slow vaccine rollout.

Thailand has recently been reporting some 15,000 cases and over 200 fatalities daily.

Demonstrators have gathered every day in the past weeks. Some rallies have turned violent. Police have responded with rubber bullets and tear gas, causing many injuries. Protest leaders are calling for daily protests until Prayut resigns.