Cashierless supermarket opens in Tokyo

A new supermarket has opened in Tokyo that takes grab-and-go shopping to the next level. The store uses technology to do away with checkouts and the long lines that can come with them.

Major retailer Daiei and IT firm NTT Data launched what they call a "walk through" store inside an NTT Data office building.

Customers enter the shop by showing a QR code on their phones. They can then just grab what they want to buy and leave without paying.

The amount will be automatically charged to a registered credit card.
The store is equipped with 32 cameras and weight sensors on the shelves to detect what customers have selected.

NTT Data wants to expand the service to places like condos, office cafeterias or factories if things go well.

Other firms in the industry are making similar moves in Japan.

Convenience store operator FamilyMart and an affiliate of East Japan Railway Company have also set up stores without cashiers.