Tokyo 2020 head stresses significance of the Games

The head of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics organizing committee has stressed that the Games brought people together.

Tokyo 2020 President Hashimoto Seiko spoke at a media conference on Monday, the day after the Paralympics drew to a close.

Hashimoto noted that before they opened, many people had objected to holding the Games, which were delayed for a year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But she thinks many now recognize the significance and value of the Games, which used the power of sports to unify people in a world divided by the coronavirus pandemic.

Hashimoto said that Japan would not have been able to host the Games had it not been for the harmony that exists among the public and regional communities.
She said the Games were extremely meaningful in demonstrating to the world that Japan is a nation capable of hosting such an event.

Implementing measures against the coronavirus had been a challenge for the organizing committee.

Hashimoto said the organizers gave safety and security top priority at the Games, but she cannot say for certain whether they were 100 percent successful in achieving their aim to the point of perfection.

Hashimoto added that history will decide whether the Games were a success. She said the Games' legacy must be handed down and acted upon in ways that will make people feel good that they took place.

An increase in Japan's financial burden is expected, given that spectators were banned at almost all venues.

The chief executive of the Tokyo Olympic organizing committee, Muto Toshiro, said the committee will discuss the issue with the national and the Tokyo Metropolitan governments.