Multiple candidates to run in LDP leadership race

Multiple contenders are expected to run in Japan's main ruling Liberal Democratic Party's leadership election.

Campaigning for the race is scheduled to start on September 17. Voting and vote counting will take place on the 29th. The winner will succeed Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide as the LDP leader.

Former internal affairs minister Takaichi Sanae has decided to run. She says she has secured the 20 recommendations that are required to become a candidate.

Former Foreign Minister Kishida Fumio has already declared his intention to run.

Regulatory Reform Minister Kono Taro has been working to secure enough recommendations. He has said he hopes to announce his candidacy this week.

Another former internal affairs minister, Noda Seiko, has been seeking support to obtain recommendations.

Former Defense Minister Ishiba Shigeru is monitoring moves within the party and weighing his next step.

The LDP has seven factions. The one led by Kishida has decided to back him, but the others have yet to make their decisions.

Senior members of the Takeshita faction will hold a meeting on Monday. Other groups are also expected to hold talks this week to consider their moves.