Some domestic flights resume at Kabul airport

Some domestic flights in Afghanistan have resumed at Kabul's international airport. Commercial airlines had halted services due to turmoil caused by people trying to evacuate from the country.

A passenger plane from the western city of Herat, flew on Sunday to the southern city of Kandahar, then landed at the airport in Kabul.

Work to restore services at the airport was carried out with the help of countries such as Qatar, after the US military completed its troop withdrawal on August 30.
The airport has been open to transport aircraft carrying humanitarian aid from neighboring nations.

But analysts say it will take more time to get the airport back to normal, with no prospect in sight for international passenger flights.
People wanting to flee Afghanistan onboard military aircraft of various nations continued to crowd around the airport.
The Taliban's advance into Kabul on August 15 created chaos, prompting commercial carriers to suspend all passenger flights.