European countries send vaccines to Taiwan

European countries are donating coronavirus vaccines to Taiwan, which is lagging behind in the effort to provide inoculations.

Taiwanese authorities say 400,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine donated by Poland were delivered by air to Taiwan on Sunday morning local time.

Polish authorities called the delivery a gesture of solidarity, as Taiwan sent medical supplies such as face masks and protective gear to Poland last year.

Lithuania has sent Taiwan 20,000 doses and the Czech Republic 30,000. Slovakia says it will donate vaccines as well.

Japan sent Taiwan 3.34 million doses and the United States gave 2.5 million.

Taiwanese authorities expressed gratitude, saying the donations show that partners in democracy and freedom help each other.

China has opposed moves that strengthen European countries' ties with Taiwan.

Taiwan's ruling Democratic Progressive Party said, without mentioning China, that European countries are pursuing exchanges with Taiwan without fearing pressure.