US volunteer groups help arriving Afghans

Volunteer groups in the United States are working to help people from Afghanistan who fled the Taliban-controlled country.

Among them is a nonprofit organization of mainly Muslims in the state of Virginia.

About 70 members gathered at a warehouse on Saturday to pack boxes of food such as pasta for arriving Afghans.

A representative of the group says it received requests from other aid organizations for 300,000 meals. The group expects the activity to continue for more than six months.

A volunteer said she was heartbroken to see footage of those suffering in Afghanistan and decided to do what she can. She added that one person might not be able to do much but people working together can achieve a lot.

More than 23,000 Afghans have arrived in the US since the Taliban took control in August. Many of them are being processed at military bases.

The food boxes are to be distributed to them once they resettle in the country.