Afghan women rally for right to education, work

Afghan women have staged rallies, asking for the right to education and work as the Taliban are making arrangements to form a new government. It's rare in Afghanistan that women confront Taliban fighters to speak out for their rights.

Dozens of women took to the streets in the capital, Kabul, on Saturday, shouting that a government which does not protect women's rights lacks legitimacy.

Holding banners reading that they are not intimidated, the women urged the Taliban not to infringe their right to education and employment.

Some of the women complained they were beaten by the fighters during a skirmish between the demonstrators and armed Taliban fighters.
One woman said she took part because she wanted to convey to the Taliban the voices of women who cannot go to work or school.

The Taliban is in negotiations with other forces in the country to declare the establishment of a new government.

The group's senior members have said that women's rights will be respected within the limits of Islamic law.

But Afghan women have deep-rooted distrust in the Taliban's rule as the former Taliban-led government strictly restricted their access to education and work.