Biden visits hurricane-hit Louisiana

US President Joe Biden has visited the southern state of Louisiana to survey damage from Hurricane Ida. He called for better infrastructure to withstand natural disasters as they worsen with climate change.

On Friday, Biden toured areas affected by the storm and received a briefing from the state governor and local officials.

The storm made landfall in Louisiana last Sunday and dumped record-breaking rain over a vast area that included the states of New York and New Jersey. At least 62 people died.

Biden said in an address that the US is likely to face superstorms "more frequently and more ferociously," and he vowed to press ahead with an infrastructure bill that he said would better prepare the country for such events.

He said the legislation would help to modernize drainage systems and power lines.

Biden instructed officials to accelerate their response to the damage left by the hurricane, which cut power to more than a million homes in Louisiana. Many people are yet to return to their homes.