Push to provide aid to Afghans gathers pace

The global effort to provide humanitarian aid to the people of Afghanistan is gathering pace as the Taliban prepare to form a government.

On Friday, a flight from the United Arab Emirates carrying foods, medicines and other supplies landed at Kabul airport, which remains largely out of action.

The Qatari government has sent engineers to assist with the full reopening of the facility.

Afghanistan's economy has descended into chaos following the Taliban's power grab last month. Supply chains are bottlenecked, prices are soaring, and many people are unable to withdraw cash.

One Afghan says people are starving. Another says bank employees have not returned to work.

Many Afghans are traveling to Chaman, a southwestern Pakistani town along the border, to seek support from relatives and aid organizations.

The Pakistani government says it will not accept Afghan refugees, but is allowing those who live near the border to stay temporarily.