US assessing Taliban actions

Senior US government officials say Washington is keeping a close eye on the formation of Afghanistan's new government under the Taliban before mapping out a new strategy including humanitarian aid for the country.

State Department Spokesperson Ned Price told reporters on Thursday that the United States will need to see "the composition of that government and, I think most importantly, the behavior of that government."

Price cited as areas the US cares about "safe passage" and "respect for the rights of the people of Afghanistan, including women and girls and minorities."

He added that Washington will also see whether the new government "follows through on its counterterrorism commitments" before deciding on US responses.
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said no one in the administration is saying "The Taliban are good actors." She added that the US is not "rushing to recognition" of the new Afghan government.

Psaki also said Washington will be assessing "based on how they treat individuals in the country, how they treat women, whether they let people who want to leave the country leave."