US urges China to do more to reduce emissions

The US special presidential envoy for climate has urged China to do more to reduce emissions, while China's foreign minister called on the US to take steps to improve ties to promote cooperation on climate change.

John Kerry, who began a visit to the Chinese city of Tianjin on Tuesday, spoke with Wang Yi in a virtual meeting on Wednesday.

The US side said Kerry encouraged China to take additional steps to reduce emissions.

China's foreign ministry said Wang told Kerry that China-US cooperation on climate change serves the interests of both countries and the world.

The ministry said Wang also told the US envoy that cooperation in the field cannot be separated from the broader situation of bilateral relations.

Kerry is due to stay in China until Friday and is scheduled to hold talks with China's climate envoy.

The two envoys are expected to discuss how their countries can cooperate on the issue ahead of COP26, the UN climate conference that will be held in November.