China to hold key meeting in November

China's Communist Party has decided to hold a key policy meeting in November.

The party agreed to the plan at a meeting of its Central Committee's Political Bureau on Tuesday.

The sixth plenary session of the 19th Communist Party Central Committee will be attended by members who were elected at the National Congress in 2017.

President Xi Jinping, party leaders and senior officials will make key policy and party personnel decisions at the meeting.

Xi and the leadership are expected to stress that they have achieved their goal of eliminating poverty in rural areas, which they laid out as a top priority.

They are also expected to discuss policies aimed at eliminating economic disparity and creating a "common prosperity" in which all citizens are wealthy.

Attention is focused on the personnel decisions that will be made ahead of China's Communist Party National Congress in the fall of next year. The assembly convenes once every five years to choose the party's top leadership.

Observers say Xi may serve a third term as the party's general secretary.