Sawamura of Boston Red Sox infected with COVID-19

Japanese Major League Baseball pitcher Sawamura Hirokazu of the Boston Red Sox has tested positive for the coronavirus.

Red Sox manager Alex Cora spoke to reporters before a game on Tuesday and said Sawamura is now on the COVID-19 injured list.

The team says two coaches have also tested positive. One of them is conditioning coach Momose Kiyoshi.

Sawamura is one of the latest players on the team confirmed to have COVID-19. Four others, including reliever Matt Barnes, tested positive before Tuesday.

The team says Sawamura had been vaccinated, but testing found he was infected. He is currently in isolation in Florida.

Sawamura, a reliever, is in his first year in the Major Leagues. He has so far pitched in 50 games for the Red Sox, and has four wins and one loss with a 3.09 earned run average.

The Red Sox is in third place in the American League East with 75 wins and 58 losses. It remains in a race to win a playoff spot, and missing some of its players is a major blow.

Cora said the team still has a chance, and "September should be fun."