Afghan ex-NGO worker: Nixed evacuation a tragedy

An Afghan man who used to work with a nongovernmental organization related to Japan says his failure to evacuate from the country is "a tragedy."

The man, who is in his 30s, says he worked from 2013 to July 2020 for a local NGO that helped promote women's social advancement. He says the project was funded by the Japanese government.

The man, who lives in Kabul, says he was "hoping a lot" to be evacuated by the Japanese government after the Taliban took control of the capital city last month. He said he asked Japan's foreign ministry for help through a Japanese NGO, but was told that he was not eligible.
The man says the Taliban are looking for people like himself who have worked with nongovernmental organizations and other countries. He says such workers must leave the country because their lives are in danger, but have no way of doing so for the time being.

Japan decided on Tuesday to withdraw Self-Defense Forces aircraft that were sent to Afghanistan to evacuate Japanese nationals and their Afghan co-workers. The decision came as the last US troops left the country.