Taiwan report: Beijing's military gaining strength

Taiwan's defense ministry has warned in its annual report that China's military is stepping up its capabilities to pose a threat to Taiwan.

The 2021 People's Liberation Army Capability Report submitted to the legislature was published on Tuesday.

The report says the Chinese military still lacks equipment and logistical support for conducting large-scale landing operations on Taiwan, but has enhanced capabilities for options such as air-dropping troops.

As to cyberwarfare, the report says China's ability to cut communications has extended to the west of what China calls "the first island chain," which comprises Taiwan and Japan's southwestern islands.

Last year's report said that China has the ability to paralyze Taiwan's anti-air and anti-surface systems, and to effectively shut down its ability to launch countermeasures via cyberattacks.

The report warns that the delivery of China's third aircraft carrier in 2025 would further solidify its military's area-denial capabilities against foreign forces.

The reports also mentioned China's threat including cognitive warfare designed to influence public opinion by disinformation, and repeated air patrols into Taiwan's air defense identification zone.