China to teach 'Xi Jinping Thought' in schools

China is set to incorporate the political ideology of President Xi Jinping into its national curriculum for all school levels from elementary to university.

China's Education Ministry published guidelines on the new mandatory courses on August 24.

It said that Xi's "thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era" will be introduced to the curriculum in phases.

In China, the new term starts in many of its elementary, junior high and high schools on Wednesday.

The ministry says "Xi Jinping Thought" will be taught in those schools using a new textbook.

Some parts of the textbook are available online.

The material for elementary schools takes up Xi's signature slogan, "the Chinese Dream," while the high school textbook features the country's Belt and Road economic initiative.

The ministry stresses the need for students to "arm their brains" with Xi's thought to "cultivate successors of socialism."

Xi's political thought was added to the charter of the ruling Communist Party at the Party Congress in 2017, as one of the party's guiding principles. It was formally enshrined in the country's constitution the following year.

It is widely viewed that Xi, whose term as Communist Party chief expires next year, will keep power for an extended period. The new curriculum is seen as an attempt to enhance his authority.