Afghan celebration and concern over US withdrawal

The sound of celebratory gunfire echoed throughout the capital in Afghanistan as the Taliban marked the departure of the last American troops from the country.
But some people in Kabul are worried about an uncertain future.

Fireworks and gunshots were fired into the air before dawn on Tuesday.

On Twitter, a Taliban spokesperson congratulated the country and the people, saying Afghanistan is now free and independent.

Some residents in Kabul welcomed the departure, while others expressed concerns.

One man said, "The Americans came here for their own interests and we are happy they're leaving."
Another man said, "If I had money, I would leave the country. But my money is stuck here in bank and I can't do anything."

A third man said, "The new government will need assistance from the international community as soon as possible. Without it, it'll be impossible for the country to be self-sufficient."

Western countries have said they'll decide on whether to recognize a Taliban-led regime after assessing whether it respects women's rights among other things.
But the Taliban say setting conditions would infringe on Afghanistan's sovereignty.