Suga, Kerry agree to cooperate on climate change

Japan's Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide and US climate envoy John Kerry have agreed that the two countries will work together to advance efforts to achieve carbon neutrality around the world.

Suga met with Kerry at his office in Tokyo on Tuesday.

Suga said Japan hopes to work with the United Sates to lead the global effort to reach carbon neutrality. He explained Japan's target for cutting greenhouse gas emissions sharply by 2030, and its efforts to achieve the goal.

Kerry explained how the administration of President Joe Biden is tackling climate change.

In April, Suga and Biden agreed to form a bilateral partnership to combat the growing threat posed by shifts in the world's climate.

Industry minister Kajiyama Hiroshi also met with Kerry.

They reportedly reaffirmed bilateral cooperation aimed at achieving carbon neutrality in Indo-Pacific nations through expanding the use of renewable energy and providing technical assistance.

Informed sources say Kerry expressed disappointment over Japan's support for other Asian countries creating thermal power plants fueled by liquefied natural gas. He reportedly urged Japan to place a higher priority on renewable energy.

The sources say Kajiyama explained that Japan is not neglecting the effort to foster the use of renewable energy sources.