Suga to replace Nikai in LDP personnel reshuffle

Japanese Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide plans to remove Nikai Toshihiro as secretary-general in a personnel reshuffle of the main ruling Liberal Democratic Party.

Suga told Nikai and Acting Secretary-General Hayashi Motoo about his plan on Monday. This comes ahead of elections for the party's leadership and the Lower House.

Nikai indicated that he will accept the move. He said he has already served as secretary-general for more than five years, so he would like the personnel change to be conducted without reservations.

Suga is expected to continue adjustments and implement the changes before the end of September, when the terms of the executives' posts expire.
An LDP executive has indicated that the personnel reshuffle may take place next week.

Nikai is the longest-serving secretary-general on record. Some party members have commented that he has been in the post for too long.

Former LDP Policy Research Council Chairperson Kishida Fumio, who has announced his candidacy in the party leadership election, has indicated that he will limit executives' terms to three consecutive years.

Campaigning for the LDP presidential election will officially begin on September 17, and voting is scheduled for September 29.

Senior members of the ruling camp have said that the Lower House election should be held around October 21, when the legislators' terms end.
They say a political vacuum created by the dissolution of the chamber should be avoided.