Taliban: US has no right to conduct airstrikes

The Taliban say the United States does not have the right to carry out airstrikes in Afghanistan.
A spokesperson for the group told NHK such attacks breach the Asian country's sovereignty.

"America has no right to carry out strikes on our territory using aircraft. We haven't given this right to them. Such attacks are violations. They're wrong," Zabihullah Mujahid said.

With Tuesday's deadline for the US troop withdrawal looming, Mujahid urged Afghans not to flee the country.

Mujahid said, "No Afghan should leave the country. Nobody faces any problem in Afghanistan. We've given assurances to everyone that nobody will be pursued and nobody will be hurt."

Mujahid said a new administration will start functioning in the coming days. "We're trying to introduce new faces whom the people of Afghanistan should be optimistic about," he said.

Western countries have said they will decide whether to recognize a Taliban-led regime after assessing whether it protects women's rights.
But Mujahid said setting that condition would infringe Afghanistan's sovereignty.