Taliban call US strike 'violation of sovereignty'

A spokesperson for the Taliban has criticized a US military drone strike in the Afghan capital, Kabul, calling the attack a violation of sovereignty.

Zabihullah Mujahid made the comment in an exclusive online interview with NHK on Sunday.

The US military carried out a retaliatory attack on an Islamic State affiliate on Friday, following the group's deadly suicide bombing near Kabul's airport the previous day. US President Joe Biden warned that the strike was "not the last."

In the interview, Mujahid said that the Taliban consider the US attack a violation of their sovereignty because Americans do not have the right to conduct such airstrikes.

Tuesday is the deadline for US troops to withdraw from Afghanistan.

Mujahid expressed displeasure with the high number of Afghans wanting to flee the country. He stressed that Afghan people should not leave, as nobody faces any problems in the country.

But he added the Taliban will allow such people to leave if they have a passport and visa.