Tokyo oxygen station's peak occupancy rate is 30%

Tokyo metropolitan government officials say that the occupancy rate of a facility set up to provide oxygen to mildly ill coronavirus patients reached only 30 percent at peak times.

The oxygen station opened on August 23 to reduce the burden on medical services amid a surge in serious cases.

Infected people with mild symptoms are recuperating at home.

Those who request an ambulance due to worsening symptoms are taken to a hospital or to the station, depending on their conditions.

Metropolitan officials say 98 people have used the 130-bed oxygen station as of Monday morning.

The officials say only nine people used the station on the second day of operation, while 38 people were there on Monday morning.

They say some of the people who requested an ambulance were likely taken to hospital rather than to the station due to severe conditions.

The officials say they would like to boost usage of the station by working closely with paramedics to provide an environment where those recuperating at home can feel at ease.