Japan to work with US, others on Afghanistan

Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato Katsunobu says Japan will work with the United States and other nations in dealing with the situation in Afghanistan.

Kato told reporters on Monday that he would refrain from commenting on Sunday's drone strike in Kabul by US forces. He said the Japanese government is not in a position to fully grasp the details.

Kato reiterated that Japan condemns all forms and motives of terrorism and that acts of terrorism can never be justified.

On Japan's evacuation mission, Kato said all personnel and Self-Defense Forces aircraft sent for the mission have already left Afghanistan. He said they are standing by at a base in a neighboring country.

Kato went on to say the government will continue to secure the safety of a very limited number of Japanese nationals who chose not to evacuate, as well as the local staff of the Japanese embassy and other Japanese agencies. He added that the government will also make the utmost effort to aid their departure from Afghanistan.

Kato said Japan will coordinate with the US and other relevant countries on developments following the August 31 US withdrawal time limit.