US media: Civilians killed in US drone strike

US media outlets are reporting that civilians were killed in a drone attack on an explosive-laden vehicle carried out by the US military in Afghanistan's capital Kabul on Sunday.

The US Central Command said in a statement on Sunday that US military forces had "conducted a self-defense unmanned over-the-horizon airstrike" on a "vehicle in Kabul."

It also said the attack was aimed at eliminating "an imminent ISIS-K threat to Hamid Karzai International Airport." ISIS-K is a local affiliate of the Islamic State militant group.

CNN has quoted a local resident as saying that the US airstrike took place in a residential area and killed nine members of one family, including six children.

The AP news agency has reported that three children were killed in the drone strike.

In an additional statement on Sunday, the Central Command acknowledged that there are reports of civilian casualties.

It said that "substantial and powerful subsequent explosions resulting from the destruction of the vehicle" indicated "a large amount of explosive material inside that may have caused additional casualties." The command said it is investigating further.

This latest strike comes after the US used a drone to conduct an attack in eastern Afghanistan in retaliation for the deadly suicide bombings that were carried out near the airport in Kabul on Thursday.